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Americans Renouncing Citizenship Set to Break Record Again, Trump, GOP Tax Reform Bill Offers Little Hope for Relief

The number of U.S. citizens applying to renounce their citizenship surged in the third quarter, as 2017 is expected to be yet another record year for the number of Americans opting to surrender their U.S. passports. The legions of those giving up their citizenship were already expected to continue growing exponentially, before the Republican Party-backed […]


Expat tax filing deadline less than 2 weeks away!

If you are an expat tax filer and not already working with one of our CPA’s and/or need more time to complete your 2016 return, we can assist to file an extension until October 16th – but the request must be submitted to the IRS by June 15th! If you do owe taxes for the […]


IRS to Expats: Pay Now or Risk Losing Your Passport

The IRS set to begin revoking passports for unpaid tax bills. The IRS had indicated it is ready to make good on its threat last year to begin revoking or refusing to renew U.S. passports as a means to collect unpaid taxes. While the IRS has not started referring unpaid tax debt totaling $50,000 or […]


Taxes for US expats – President Trump’s Tax Proposals

American expat tax filers are understandably concerned about their annual U.S. tax filing obligations. But now, they have something else to think about: what changes may lie ahead with President Trump’s clear plans to implement across-the-board tax cuts for both individuals and corporations? And how, if at all, might expats benefit? While many of the […]


Get an early start on your 2016 taxes!

Attention all American expats and greencard holders: The IRS begins accepting returns on January 23, 2017. While the actual return due date is April 18* (the IRS provides a automatic 2-month filing extension for US expats, but this extension does not apply to tax payment obligations – interest begins accruing on any tax due after […]


What are Totalization Agreements, and do they cover income as well as social security/pension payments?

Totalization Agreements are formal agreements between the US and foreign countries to avoid double taxation of income through social security taxes. The Agreements only apply to the imposition of social security tax. If you are self-employed, your self-employment income is eligible for foreign earned income exclusions if you can satisfy the required conditions, but you […]

Is the U.S. getting ready to raise taxes for the rich?

As an increasingly large portion of Americans feel that “the rich” need to pay more tax, and the likelihood of an increase may be looming on the horizon. And how will things change with the upcoming election? With Hillary? Trump? Read the full article at The Atlantic’s website. Source: The Atlantic Website (www.theatlantic.com)  


How the U.S. became one of the world’s biggest tax havens

The Washington Post Contrary to popular belief, notorious tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, Jersey and the Bahamas were far less permissive in offering the researchers shell companies than states such as Nevada, Delaware, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming and New York, the researchers found. But one of the least recognized facts about the global offshore industry is […]