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U.S. Expat Tax Filing Services

Our fees are highly competitive and represent excellent value for money. We offer itemized & cost efficient fixed rate package plans.

We handle everything from basic 1040s/2555EZs and FinCEN Form 114 (previously called TD F 90-22.1 or “FBAR”) forms, to more unique or complex tax situations that require numerous forms and often extra research – not only to make sure your return is handled correctly, but to make sure we are maximizing your tax savings. When filing your returns, our tax consultants will review your forms to look for potential areas to save you money for current or future tax returns. While we specialize in preparing tax returns for expatriates in Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, and other areas of Asia, we have clients from expat destinations all around the world and with a highly diverse range or filing requirements.

While rates depend on your specific situation, we offer fixed rate “package deals” with pricing based on the complexity of your filing requirements. i.e. number of income sources, offshore and U.S. based investments, capital gains/losses, rental income, etc. Tell us about your situation and we will be happy to provide you with a quote and recommended scope of services.

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