What information do I need to prepare for my tax return?

By November 8, 2018

We will send you a comprehensive Tax Organizer used to collect information to prepare your return, and then follow up to request any additional information needed to complete your return. Your tax preparer will send you a draft of the completed return for your review, and then send instructions on how to sign and submit to the IRS. As a general “homework” list to get started, your preparer will likely ask you to produce the following:

-Your most recently filed tax return (both Federal and State) (if not prepared by us)
-Form W-2(s) or foreign equivalent of salary statements (if available), showing all taxable wages and foreign income taxes paid, preferably government or company issued documents;
-Form 1099(s) or foreign equivalent showing other income from non-salary sources, e.g. dividends, interest etc., preferably government or company issued documents;
-Form 1098-E, from student loans if any;
-Information on transactions that may have incurred capital gains/losses e.g. sale of real estate or securities;
-Any other tax documents that may be applicable.

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We are a group of experienced US CPAs and Enrolled Agents working specifically with Americans (and green card holders) living and working abroad. Our Mission: To provide personable, efficient, and fully compliant tax filing services while maximizing tax savings.

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