U.S. Expat Tax Preparation Services

We are a global network of experienced U.S. tax consultants, CPAs and federally certified Enrolled Agents working specifically with Americans (and green card holders) living and working abroad.


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Standard US expat federal tax forms.

Form 5471

investment strategy

Reporting for foreign corporations.

FBAR/FinCEN Form 114


Foreign Bank Account Reporting.

Join the many thousands of happy—and now compliant—expats who have chosen Expat Tax for their US tax filing needs.

U.S. Expat Tax Services for Americans Living Abroad

ExpatTax offers fast, affordable, and hassle-free U.S. expat tax preparation and consulting services for Americans living overseas, Green Card holders, and Non-resident Aliens (NRA)/foreigners with U.S. tax filing obligations. Federal and State Tax Returns, Foreign Bank Account Reporting (“FBAR”), Streamlined Filing, FATCA, Consulting, Expatriation/Exit Tax, Self-Employment, and more.

Our growing team of U.S. tax consultants, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents has decades of professional experience in both the U.S. and abroad, and work with a wide range of client types — from expat professionals, to digital nomads, educators, self-employed/small business owners, and pretty much anyone else in the world with U.S. tax filing obligations.

Committed to providing quality service and delivering them fast and accurate, our experienced tax professionals are especially adept at identifying deductions and tax credits that apply to your unique situation to help maximize tax savings.

Our many years of experience working with overseas clients will assure you of the stability and consistency of our services and our professionals will make certain that we are 100 percent with you every step of the way. If you are looking for U.S. expat tax preparation — even if you are years behind on your taxes — we are here to help.

U.S. Expat Tax Filing Services

Prompt. Affordable. Hassle-free.

Join the many thousands of happy—and now compliant—expats who have chosen Expat Tax for their US tax filing needs.

Tax preparation and consulting for American Expats, Green Card holders, NRAs.

U.S. Expat Tax Filings Services
Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, worldwide.

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