About Us

ExpatTax.com offers fast, affordable, and hassle-free U.S. tax preparation services for Americans living abroad — in our core markets of Hong Kong, mainland China, and Japan, Southeast Asia, or wherever they may be in the world.

Our growing team of U.S. tax consultants, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents has decades of professional experience in both the U.S. and abroad, and work with a wide range of client types — from expat professionals, to digital nomads, educators, self-employed/small business owners, and pretty much anyone else living outside the United States with U.S. tax filing obligations.

Our mission is to help you submit accurate and fully compliant tax returns — while maximizing tax savings. Fast, affordable, and hassle-free!

Read about our partnership with American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to provide quality expat tax filing services to AmCham members.

Managing Partner and Tax Practice Manager for Capital Tax & Accounting Co., Ltd., and Capital Tax Limited, Eric La Cara is a senior accounting and tax specialist with over 15 years of applied experience in tax strategy, cross-border structuring, accounting, and operational finance. Specializing in meeting the complex tax needs of globally mobile clients, Eric’s client portfolio includes expats from all walks of life, from digital nomad entrepreneurs, to professional athletes, real estate investors, and high net-worth individuals with increasingly complex, multi-jurisdictional investment holdings and tax filing needs. In his spare time, he spends time outdoors competing in triathlons, cross-country skiing, boating, and doing the occasional international tax seminar in between.

Eric La Cara, Managing Partner.